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Founders Favorites November 2017

Founders Favorites 

And we're back! With all new founders favorites for the month of November.
If you missed last month we highlighted some dope finds in the city and beyond. (you can check out Octobers edition in the archives.) 
If this is your time stumbling upon Founder Favorites and you're like WTF is this, Its pretty self explanatory. 
Every month - "We" The founders (@The.Amina_ and @ChefJas) show love to the city and the culture by sharing our favorites from 4 categories
1. Products/Productions, 2. Urban Art and Fashion 3. Raw Talent 4. Elegant Execution. 



Comedians - Wowo Boyz

Photo taken from instagram 

Photo taken from instagram 

We were A little late hopping on the Wowo Boyz train, but, better late than never! These guys produce tear jerking comedy! Don't believe us? head over to their Instagram or tune in to the Wowo Banter radio show.
Instagram | Youtube | Radio Show

Heres our favorite sketch, featuring  1/2 of Pure. 




Urban Art & Fashion
Designer- Sharay Davis 

Designer Sharay Davis photographed with Event coordinator Ashraf Alabi at the Glory Gala. 

Designer Sharay Davis photographed with Event coordinator Ashraf Alabi at the Glory Gala. 

While covering the red carpet at the Glory Gala we saw plenty of amazing designs and designers. However, we couldn't help but be stunned by Designer @Ego_Ray1, sporting her own creations from @EgoRayFashion .  

Ego Ray Fashion not only looked great on the designer but on the models as well. These pieces are grown, sexy and one of a kind! So if you want to know where the next show or pop up will be make sure to follow Ego Ray Fashion. 



Raw Talent
Yogi - BRIngingdaPeace

Photo taken from Instagram 

Photo taken from Instagram 

Houston Yoga instructor @Bringingdapeace has taken her talents to Emancipation Park, every Tuesday at 9am for FREE.99 y'all! We attended the class and it was AMAZING. Take advantage of this talented woman offering her services to the community. 


Elegant Execution
Public Figure - Tobe Nwigwe

Tobe Nwigwe & Ivory Rogers. (Photo taken from IG)

Tobe Nwigwe & Ivory Rogers. (Photo taken from IG)

"I make purpose popular" - Tobe Nwigwe

If you haven't heard the name Tobe Nwigwe around the H you might need to turn your speakers down and put your ear to the streets.  @TobeNwigwe and wife to be @TobeCallsmeFat  Are literally the definition of PURE! (Producing Urban Raw Elegance) and you guys they are making it look EASY! We would be here all day rattling off reasons why they're sooooo Dope. So instead check out all of the great things they're doing for yourself. 

Non Profit Organization -
Instagram: @TeamGini 
Website: Click Here

The Dope Art Show
Instagram: @thedopeartshow
Website:  Click Here

Get Twisted Sundays
Instagram: @Gettwistedsundays