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Founders Favorites February 2018


WTF is Founder Favorites!?  

Every month - "We" The founders (@The.Amina_ and @ChefJas) show love to the city and the culture by sharing our favorites from 4 categories
1. Products/Productions, 2. Urban Art and Fashion 3. Raw Talent 4. Elegant Execution. 



Creating Space 

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 4.24.44 PM.png

@Blauren._ & @Morganneniko 

of @HTXPPLProject

Meet the women who "create safe spaces for people to be exactly as they are. without censorship. without fear. with love."  These women are the faces behind, Creating Space, a HTX People Project Documentary. 

"c r e a t i n g s p a c e." captures the raw and uncensored voices of six Black LGBT identified individuals who proactively aim to challenge societal standards and conformist ideas. Without apology, the narrative confronts traditional thinking and offers varying perspective on religion, race, sexuality, restricted gender binary, societal rejection and cultural oppression.



Urban Art& Fashion
Shayla Janel



Film maker, blogger, and boutique owner Shayla Hill continues to take the fashion world by storm. All while slaying for a change!

Keep your eyes peeled for Shaylas next project #SlayForAChange happening February 10th during NYFW. And be sure to Shop Random and Chic! What better time to support Black Owned Businesses and celebrate Black culture through art and fashion!



Raw Talent
Tory Porter


Stiff Body Entertainments very own Tory Porter just released a new track titled Water For Elephants and we're HERE FOR IT. Tory gives us an unexpected change of pace with this track, story telling and exposing raw and honest lyrics. Check out the new track and more music below!



Elegant Execution
Monica Jones 


A woman of purpose, an entrepreneur and so much more; Monica Jones is a pillar in the business and networking community of Houston. As well as an active member in the community itself. Helping to inspire and motivate others to develop themselves and manifest their visions, Ms. Jones makes it look like a walk in the park. BornCEO (no pun intended on her part or ours) Monica Jones is always on top of her game. Check out her annual Valentines day playbook and  be sure to follow @BornCEO on IG for her workshops, networking events and more.